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Babies and Music

Hearing nursery rhymes on a regular basis will help your baby's listening and memory skills, and it is rewarding and encourgaging for parents and carers when they begin to anticipate what is coming in a familiar rhyme - feeling confident to request their favourites by words or gestures.

Music plays an important part in the early learning process - music making, actions and songs not only help the understanding and development of language, words and speaking, they also support the growth of physical skills.

Babies and toddlers learn through repetition and the familiar sequence of words and actions that form the foundation of the Tiny Tots Tunes class structure are designed to support this.

About Pippa

Pippa Robson started Tiny Tots Tunes in 2010 having attended various music classes with her son from when he was just five weeks old. Pippa found that the songs and nursery rhymes helped to calm, relax and entertain, and discovered it hugely rewarding as time progressed when favourite songs were (and still are!) requested, actions copied and words eventually sung.

Being a busy mum of two, Pippa recognises that in our hectic daily lives it is not always possible to attend classes every week, which is why Tiny Tots Tunes does not request termly payment - you just pay for the classes you attend.

What People Say

" It's lovely to see all the children participating, which can only be put down to Pippa's natural rapport with the kids..."

'Tiny Tots'

Classes for young babies up to those who are cruising and taking their first steps

'Toddling Tots'

Classes for walkers up to the age of two-and-a-half

'Fizzy Feet Adventures'

Classes are fun, imaginative, full of energy and entirely unique!  Join us on our weekly adventures...

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