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What People Say About Tiny Tots Tunes

"  Pippa is amazing with the children in her music sessions. She has a wonderful memory for names and ensures that each child and parent (and grandparent) is welcomed individually so that everyone is made to feel special.  She is full of enthusiasm and creates an atmosphere of fun bringing out a huge number of glove puppets for the children to relate to. Children go to her as each puppet introduces a new song so that they can touch, feel and in their own way have a connection with the music and the words.

The sessions are structured encouraging children to learn new vocabulary and to develop their motor skills as well as their vocabulary. Pippa makes a real effort to ensure that all children are included keeping a wary eye on those who may seem to be timid and may therefore not engage, encouraging them to come and be a part of the session gently but not forcing the issue, thus allowing them to find their feet and grow in confidence.

The session ends with bubbles, a biscuit and a story and as an ex Headteacher I do like the gentle discipline which asks the children to sit and listen to the story. This gives both ends of the spectrum to each session. The fun, laughter, movement and music within the main session and then the quiet listening time at the end.

I have seen our grandson grow within the sessions and we know he loves Pippa (or Peeppa as he calls her). We also enjoy meeting parents and other grandparents within a convivial atmosphere where we can join in too!!!

Thank you Pippa!  We ALL enjoy the sessions!!  "

Mrs Brenda Bigland CBE
Education Consultant, Trainer and Coach

December 2014

"  I have been to a lot of baby/toddler classes in the local area and yours really stands out as being better than the rest. Personally, I love the structure and boundaries in the class that mean the children know what's coming next at each stage and also know what is expected of them (waiting, turn taking, sharing etc.). I think children respond so well to this - evident by how full your classes always are!

I know that Daisy adores all the puppets and characters you create and the stories and songs you tell about each one. I think there's something for every child in your classes; I've noticed children who are shy, extrovert, chatty, quiet, and children who like puppets or children who prefer instruments, ribbons, bubbles... ALL having a fantastic time in your class and all feeling relaxed, included and unpressurised.

I really like the way you always remember all their names and you are always acutely aware of each of them having their turn and interacting nicely with others. The atmosphere you create in your class is brilliant and all the children I've brought to TTT are always exhausted afterwards - so much mental and physical stimulation going on!  "

Charlotte, childminder and mum to Daisy (18 months)

March 2014

"  Thank you very much indeed for all the happiness, joy and education you have given Dorothy over the past two years.
The classes were also a real highlight of the week for me and I looked forward to them, both socially and more importantly as a fantastic way to bond with Dorothy and have fun together.  "

Amy, mum to Dorothy (2.5 years) and Stan (5 months)

March 2014

"  I'm back to work soon and so today was my and Charlie's last Tiny Tots class! We have loved the class and will really miss it so a huge thank you for your endless energy and the effort you put into the class every week - how you manage to keep all the babies totally engaged for 40 minutes is a miracle!

Charlie loves the class and it is great to see him get so excited when Gus and the other puppets make an appearance. He really will miss it so it looks like I'll be singing the songs to him at home for a while yet!

I wish you every success with the classes, and would thoroughly recommend it to any other mums (or dads, or grannies..)!  "

Rachel, mum to Charlie (11 months)

February 2014

"  I am very sad to say that Isobel and I won't be able to join you this term as she's starting nursery on a Monday and Thursday morning. We have loved coming along to both Tiny Tots and Toddling Tots and she revelled in it, often mimicking all the puppets and songs at home.

Going to 'Pippa's music' was a highlight of her week (and mine!). So a big thank-you for putting on such a wonderful class and for being so warm and friendly to all who come along.  "

Yvonne, mum to Isobel

September 2013

"  It's often difficult to find an activity that both my children (aged 2 and 4) will enjoy equally - but I think I've found it with Twirling Tots!

They both love trying to follow all the 'dance' moves and have a lot of fun while honing their listening skills!  "

Anna, mum to Eva (4 years) and Lexi (2 years)

August 2013

"  My sons (1.5 years and 3.5 years) both absolutely love Twirling Tots. It's great that they can do something together.

My youngest loves the puppets and dancing along to music. My eldest enjoys the challenging dance moves and actions, which encourages him to listen and take instructions, in a fun and relaxed environment.

I enjoy having a boogie and a giggle with my boys!  "

Lynda, mum to Jake (3.5 years) and Dylan (1.5 years)

August 2013

"  Theo and I ventured into Harpenden as we found local classes to be quite unfriendly and, quite frankly, a bit lacking in energy or enthusiasm.

I joined your sessions at a time when I felt quite isolated and lonely as a mum, and it was a relief to find a class where other mums spoke to us straight away, and we felt welcome and greeted by name from the start. Robin also felt welcomed and included whenever he attended in my absence. Thank you.  "

Natasha and Robin, parents to Theo

July 2013

"  Thank you so much for providing us with many a fun Monday morning. This is the only class where George has loved every minute and been very excited about coming and been replicating all of the songs and actions at home.

We will really miss you and the songs but know that you will continue to bring excitement to many other children. Hope to see you at Twirling Tots soon.  "

Claire, mum to George (2.5 years)

July 2013

"  Fiona (23 months) and I first went to Tiny Tots Tunes when she was just 3 months old and we have been going regularly ever since. She loved it from the beginning and going to singing is still one of her favourite activities. My second baby, Lisa (6 months), also now comes along with us and thoroughly enjoys all the activity.

It is the best place that I have found to entertain a baby and a toddler simultaneously, whilst also allowing me a brief spell of relaxation!  "

Clare, mum to Fiona (23 months) and Lisa (3 months)

February 2013

"  Iíve been taking the little boy I look after to Tiny Tot Tunes for a while now and he has just moved up to the next group. He loves coming to the group on a Wednesday morning and joins in with the actions to the songs.

He gets really excited when he recognises a song. He loves all of the puppets Pippa uses and toddles over to give them a kiss and a cuddle! A fab group that we will continue going to!  "

Leah, with Otto (16 months)

February 2012

Tiny Tots Tunes is a weekly highlight for my one-year old Beatrix... and me too - we've been attending for some months now.

Pippa makes the songs so engaging for the children and it's lovely to watch Beatrix's level of confidence grow each week as she interacts more and more with the actions and props.  "

Emily, mum to Beatrix (1 year)

January 2012

"  My son loves attending Tiny Tots and now recognises many of the songs and copies the actions, even when sung at home. Through a great mix of traditional nursery rhymes, fun songs and lots of bouncing(!) Pippa has created the sort of class that both parents and children really enjoy. The puppets grab even the youngest's attention and the parachute and bubbles at the end always attract little hands and open mouths!

I do not know how Pippa remembers all of the children's names but it really helps the little ones and gets them excited when they are congratulated on their participation.

It is great value for such a fun time and a great opportunity for babies, toddlers and carers to meet new friends.  "

Claire, mum to George (14 months)

January 2012

"  Ella loves Toddling Tots - itís the highlight of our week. Pippaís mix of songs, activities and puppets is pitched perfectly for this age group. We simply love it!  "

Suzi, mum to Ella (23 months)

January 2012

"  My daughter, Laura, really enjoys Tiny Tots. She loves the variety of songs, the puppets (Peter Rabbit especially!) and particularly enjoys the parachute play! Pippa is excellent in leading the singing and definitely engages the babies/children with her animated personality.

The sessions have definitely helped in building Laura's confidence at moving around and Pippa really encourages her to go up and see the puppets. We look forward to giving Toddling Tots a try some time soon!  "

Joanne, mum to Laura (20 months)

"  We started attending Tiny Tots Tunes on a Monday morning when Isabelle was 4 months old. Her enjoyment has grown over the weeks as she has become more aware of all the wonderful puppets that Pippa has.

I am always amazed how Pippa remembers all the names of the babies for the session and I think this helps them (and whoever brings them) to feel welcome and included.

The mix of songs, both well known and new to me, are sung with lots of enthusiasm by Pippa. The use of puppets makes the songs more accessible to the babies and Pippa often brings them round for the babies to touch the different textures and involves them in the songs.

The classes are well structured and organised. There is a good mix of repetition to help the babies recognise and learn the songs over the weeks as well as new items added.

I have particularly liked learning some new songs and have found it useful that Pippa has made suggestions about when these songs could be used at home, for example, at bath or changing times. Even my husband, who has never been able to attend the sessions, now knows the words to the frog song, which is a particular favourite!

Sadly, we can now only attend sessions in school holidays as I have returned to work. Monday mornings are not the same without Tiny Tots Tunes! Interestingly, the nursery Isabelle attends have commented on how much she enjoys the singing they do and I put this down to Pippa and her fantastic sessions. Thank you, Pippa!  "

Louise, mum to Isabelle (7 months)

September 2011

"  My six-month-old and I have been attending the Harpenden Tiny Tots sessions for two months and we both absolutely love it. As soon as the singing starts, she is completely mesmorised, not only by Pippa, who is very engaging and has a fantastic ability to remember ALL the babies' names, but also by the wonderful puppets, including Toby Bear, Peter Rabbit and the fluffy red parrot.

We have learnt lots of new songs, some of which involve actions and it's great to see her recognising the tunes as we practise at home.

The sessions have a perfect mix of activities with singing, baby instruments, colourful balls and a parachute.

All in all, we both look forward to Monday mornings and it's a great way to start the week.  "

Helen, mum to Lucy (6 months)

"  Emily, my 18-month-old daughter, and I really enjoy Toddling Tots. The sessions are very engaging with a mixture of singing, puppets and musical instruments to keep the toddlers entertained.

Many of the traditional children's songs and rhymes are sung as well as new and lesser-known ones which makes a nice change for both parents and toddlers. Children can go up to meet the puppets and are encouraged to move and dance around to some of the songs. Emily particularly likes the songs involving a big parachute.

The session ends with a story and each child is given a sticker to go home with which Emily loves!  "

Becky, mum to Emily (18 months)

"  My 17-month-old son, Tommy, and I have been going to Pippa's Toddling Tots music classes since they started. Pippa is lovely with the children, remembering all of their names, engaging them with the huge variety of puppets she has and encouraging them to join in with the singing and dancing. When we arrive Tommy now runs straight to the stage where the puppets are waiting and starts pointing at them, eagerly awaiting the start of the class.

Pippa's classes comprise of singing nursery rhymes (both old and new), dancing/moving to the songs, interacting with the puppets and playing games with the parachute. At the end of each session she reads the children a story whilst they munch on a biscuit (another part of the class that Tommy thoroughly enjoys!) and are then each given a sticker.

It's lovely to see all the children participating, which can only be put down to Pippa's natural rapport with the kids.  "

Suzanne, mum to Tommy (17 months)

"  My 1-year-old daughter loves Tiny Tots - it is a very creative and great fun singing class, using puppets (and other surprises!) which really captivates the children. It is very well facilitated by Pippa who clearly loves what she is doing and is excellent at engaging the class.

Having enjoyed the baby classes so much, I have also taken my 2-and-a-half-year-old son with my daughter to Toddling Tots which was also a hit.  "

Susie, mum to Miles (2 years) and Evie (12 months)

August 2010

"  Annabelle (19 months) and I have been coming to Toddling Tots for several weeks now. Annabelle can be quite shy but coming to these sessions really seems to have developed her confidence.

Pippa is really approachable and I think the consistent structure of the sessions, along with the familiar songs, helps Annabelle to know what to expect. She now sings along a bit, joins in with some of the actions and seems to really enjoy herself.

Pippa has also introduced us to lots of new songs which makes for some variety! The constant use of actions, as well as puppets, instruments and other exciting things means that Pippa really captures Annabelleís interest throughout the whole session.

The story and stickers at the end finish the session off brilliantly and the sticker is always a talking point on the way home!  "

Abi, mum to Annabelle (19 months)

July 2010

"  A fantastic fun group for my little girl and me to enjoy together! She squeaks along to the songs and really enjoys experimenting with the musical instruments - but her favourites are the puppets, especially the big red noisey parrot!

A great way for a busy mum to have some time-out with her little one.  "

Tara, mum to Molly (9 months)

"  Pippa from Tiny Tots Tunes came to my daughter's first birthday party in April 2010; we hired her after I had attended a few of her classes, and the children loved her and her fantastic puppets! She not only entertained a big group of babies and toddlers but also the adults! She got them all singing along and everyone had a great time - everyone said what a great idea it was and still mention it now.

I would highly recommend Pippa and Tiny Tots Tunes to anyone, and have done already.

Thanks, Pippa, for a making my daughter's party so much fun and I'll see you at the next class.  "

Natasha, mum to Alexia (12 months)

What People Say

" My six-month-old and I have been attending the Harpenden Tiny Tots sessions for two months and we both absolutely love it..."

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